Sign the Declaration of Deeds as an Individual

The main purpose of the Declaration of Deeds is to provide a kind of litmus test for groups so that individuals can know as a bare minimum baseline where a group or kindred stands on the issues of folkism, sexism, and racism by signing onto the declaration.

In this way, an individual searching for a group that was not folkish could know that at least at face value that the groups listed as signatories on the Declaration of Deeds espouse principles of inclusion.

While the Declaration of Deeds was not specifically designed to be signed by individuals, I know that many individuals want to be able to express their agreement with these principles. This page is designed for just that.

If you would like to sign onto the Declaration of Deeds as an individual to show your support for the principles this declaration stands for, you may make a comment below.

By commenting on this page, I am declaring my support for the principles outlined in the Declaration of Deeds:

161 thoughts on “Sign the Declaration of Deeds as an Individual

  1. I, John Davis, agree with and support this declaration. May it be a stepping stone toward folk understanding that not all heathens are for hate, rather the opposite.


  2. In good conscience, and in the name of frið, I, Aiden C. McLaughlin, do agree with and whole-heartedly support this declaration.


  3. I, Einar (AKA John Wahlquist), find myself in agreement with the Declaration of Deeds, especially as it calls for confrontation of objectionable actions rather than the “127 declaration’s” disassociation therefrom. You never change an evil by ignoring it.


  4. I, Ravani, having read and and understood the Declaration of Deeds, hereby knowingly sign the Declaration of Deeds.


  5. Je suis de tout coeur, dacore avec cette déclaration! Santé et longue vie a tout ceux qui on signer ou vont signer dans le future!


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